How to increase your Software Delivery Performance?


Software Development Teams work together to deliver some value to end customers. Every team follows some processes or tools that help them to increase the productivity and performance of the team.

For Example, In the Scrum process, we calculate the Velocity of the Team to figure the team performance. Similarly, many processes focus on Development Cycle “how we need to meet our Customer Demand?”. But most of the processes or Development teams ignore the operational performance.

Operations is another essential thing to meet Customer Demand. There can be multiple questions around as:

1) How to measure the team’s performance?
2) How much time customer demand will take to meet from Development to Production?
3) How can we align the Development and Operations together to meet customer demand with real-time insights?

To understand the science behind the DevOps and lean software development,

“ACCELERATE (Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations by Nicole Forsgren and Gene Kim)”

is a very valuable book. It focuses on the End-to-End High performing team by truely building the DevOps Culture in their organization. and not only this but also measuring the Software Delivery Performance of the DevOps team.

We are working on an idea that will help the team to build a DevOps culture. We will be able to measure the real-time Software Delivery Performance. it will enable us to break the wall of the Development and Operations of an organization. It will also help to meet customer demand with the Data-Driven approach.

This data will not only point out the delays but also will highlight the best ways to overcome those delays.

There can be multiple data points against which we can calculate performance and operations. Accelerate Book explains four measures of Software Delivery Performance which are:
1-Lead Time
2-Deployment Frequency
3-Mean Time to Recover(MTTR)
4-Change Fail Percentage

A small introduction to our idea ClickChain (Product Name)

Executives Dashboard: ClickChain bi Dashboard for Executives will help show how the value flows from an organization and reaches its customer. It will compare the product’s operational performance metrics to analyze the impact on the market. We will also help forecast the feasibility of features in the product’s future roadmap. The Dashboard will be simple and very easy to use.

DevOps Team Dashboard: ClickChain Business Intelligence Dashboard for DevOps Team will show the real-time team insights. it will gather data from the Development and Operations and then reflect them as Software Delivery Performance measures. DevOps team dashboard will be connected with the following:
1- Team Boards (JIRA, RALLY, TRELLO, etc).
2- Team Code Repositories (Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Gitlab, etc).
3- CI/CD tools(Jenkins, TeamCity, CircleCI, etc).

This product will process and show essential data to Teams which includes metrics like

  • Development Lead Time
  • Cycle Time
  • Throughput
  • Mean Time to Recover
  • Change Failure Rate
  • Deploy Interval
  • Batch Size
  • Lead Time
  • Deployment Batch Size, etc.


Below is the link to Low Fidelity Mockups for the ClickChain DevOps Team Dashboard. You are welcome to help us improve our product idea.

ClickChain Low Fidelity Mock-ups

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