Cloud Strategy & MigrationBefore diving right into a Cloud Migration, we will assist in defining a Cloud Strategy that is right for your organization.

Strategy & Architecture

Click Chain helps you maximize the benefits of the cloud resources and services by making critical architectural decisions related to latency, fault tolerance, monitoring and management, database sizing, disk requirements, backups, and failover. Innovation relies on critical architectural decisions for your cloud

Cloud Migrations

Click Chain proven Cloud migration models include a proof of concept and rigorous testing to mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime. We interject our DevSecOps automation processes throughout the migration, factor reliability engineering into our plan and design efforts, and increase performance and reliability by setting the SLA’s upfront for the teams

Security & Compliance

Click Chain ensures security requirements are considered and implemented into your Cloud architecture from data encryption at rest and encryption in transit, to automated access to the cloud, and integration with your IAM platform. Our mission is to protect and secure your architecture. We accomplish this by standardizing and enforcing rigorous security checks.

Cloud Delivery Workbench

Click Chain Cloud Delivery Workbench is customer enablement, flexibility, availability, scalability, and cost savings platform that provides 24x7x365 support for your business. We focus on making your infrastructure more efficient through the addition of tools and processes that provide solutions such as automation, environment provisioning, and environment configuration management.