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At ABG, we are experienced in simplifying and consolidating, secure communication management processes. We've partnered , with clients in the Healthcare, Corporate, and Medicare industries , to provide streamlined solutions that deliver accurate, timely, information using secure channels.

  • Clients
    • Dan Ablett
  • Engagement
    • Over 2+ years
  • Technology
    • ASP .NET MVC
    • C Sharp
    • Jquery

ABG Is Your Business Process Outsourcing & Healthcare Technology Partner. We develop digital technologies and web-based solutions that allow us to become trusted business process advisors and a valued extension of our clients’ businesses. It’s this focused partnership mind-set that empowers us to improve the quality, workflow and bottom line for each of our clients.

Intelligent Software Customized to Fit Your Needs:

We work to understand our clients’ specific needs and then help them realize their objectives by providing creative solutions. We offer focused, relevant solutions that are custom-tailored for each client and their unique needs.


Click Chain is an indispensable resource for ABG. Besides providing key development resources that augment and leverage our in-house team, they bring consistent thought leadership and design experience that has helped us achieve our objectives. They have proven themselves invaluable as a training resource, supporting our ongoing efforts to invest in building the professional capacity of our team.

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